Module 1


Module 3

Camera Features
Camera and Tape Formats
Digital Formats and Zoom Function
Composition of Shots
Batteries and General care-taking tips
  Transitional shots
Planned Storyboard
Props and Mikes

Module 2


Module 4

Lens Care and Head clog
Creative Camera Techniques, Focus and Iris
Light Conditions and Settings
Use and Features of Tri-pods,
Other Accessories, Tips
Creative Composition and Depth
Pitfalls and Tips
Patching Equipment


Producing a good video is an ultimate rewarding experience and can provide you with a way of expressing your views and market your talents and yourself, whilst having the benefit to re-live each experience by viewing your masterpieces.

A good idea is to figure out what you will use the camera for, such as the following:

  • Occasional record-it-all holiday shooting (souvenirs)
  • Proper filmed and edited holiday videos
  • Filming kids at school-concerts for personal memories (souvenirs)
  • Shooting school projects and assignments
  • Shoot and edit school-plays and sport-events for an income
  • Shooting professional looking wedding videos for an income
  • Shooting corporate training and promotional videos
  • Shooting community events
  • Shoot numerous corporate and documentary type videos
  • Shooting for TV inserts

Learning Outcome:

On completion of this course, the self assesment quizzes and the assignments, you will be sufficintley skilled in performing the capture of high quality videos on a social and professional level
The folowing video clip stream from YouTube to reduce course size, make sure you are connected to the internet to watch the video. Embeded videos can be implemented, but will increase size and download dramatically.
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